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In November, our University hosted Irina Dzhus - a Ukrainian fashion designer, clothes stylist and make-up artist, whose projects are distinguished by the possibility of multifunctional use. We could see new creations and see how to change them into completely different styles.

 Irina Dzhus works with big companies, fashion magazines and Ukrainian celebrities. Stars such as Onuka and Dzidzio owe their stage appearance to her concepts. Her works are published in the largest fashion magazines in Europe, America and Asia.

Ms. Dzhus told us about the reaction of the fashion world to the war in Ukraine, showed us her own collections, which were appreciated internationally for their innovative cut and multifunctional use. She talked about trends, ethical transformations in fashion, and the challenges of conscious consumption, which she adheres to: her clothes are environmentally friendly, and the materials used in their production meet the cruelty-free criteria.