Foreign Language Centre invites Lazarski students to the meetings of the English Discussion Club. At the meetings, the participants will develop skills in attentive listening, argumentation and constructive evaluation of interesting, controversial topics under discussion. A nice atmosphere and sweet refreshments will allow participants to overcome the language barriers to fluency. There will also be an opportunity to meet Lazarski students from other countries.

The Discussion Club has been created as a meeting place for students of the English Language Course for Foreigners. The Club has neither a fixed schedule nor a preselected list of topics since our main goal is to practise conversation in English, make new friends, exchange thoughts and experiences and have a good time together.

The discussions will be moderated by an experienced and respected FLC lecturer: Mr Marek Cabaj.

The date of the Club meeting: Friday 19 January at 15.15, room 108

Topic: "Who are the most inspiring role models in the world today? Do celebrities overshadow real life heroes? Positive and negative patterns created by contemporary pop-culture."

Looking forward to meeting you!