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From this year on, medical students can benefit from a new English textbook written by a teacher of UŁa - Urszula Swoboda-Rydz. "Medical English in Practice" is based on authentic texts, practical use of the language and facilitates the mastery of specialist terminology. Moreover, it is a didactic aid for teachers of medical English, which will save time necessary to prepare classes.

The author of the textbook "Medical English in Practice" was guided by the idea of keeping it short and simple. Thus, each text is about half a page long, contains a glossary and 2 consolidating exercises. The textbook comprises 39 different medical topics and includes abstracts, descriptions of clinical cases, diseases, medicines, epidemiological descriptions, dialogues in the pharmacy, etc. Moreover, it allows students to develop group discussion skills. The "Medical English in Practice" project also includes the platform. Those interested can listen to recordings of 110 texts - more than in the manual! - recorded by the British and do exercises in the phone application at any time and at any free moment.

This is how the author of the textbook and materials on the "Medical English in Practice" platform explains the need to write a new textbook:

- I must admit that  I was thinking about the need for a medical English textbook  as a medical student . This was my leading idea when I was studying the English language. Then, as an English teacher, I saw the need to use authentic medical texts just after  introducing vocabulary in anatomy and physiology. Reading, choosing an interesting publication and preparing varied linguistic exercises was a time-consuming task. Eventually, the material often turned out to be far too long and tiring. The question remained where to find short, authentic texts, which are the basis for learning how to communicate and write articles in English, the publication of which is necessary in order to appear on an international forum. Two years ago, I decided to gather my own materials, look through new literature, pharmaceutical novelties and get down to writing. This is how the project combining the book and the platform "Medical English in Practice" was created. I hope you will find the textbook easy and efficient to learn from.

 “Medical English in Practice” was published by Akkademus Inowacje dla Edukacji. It will be available for sale on October 1st, 2020. The "" platform is now available at 199 - 299 PLN, depending on the selected package. Most importantly, you can take advantage of the free weekly trial period before the purchase.

The author of the textbook, dr  Urszula Swoboda-Rydz teaches specialist English at WUM and UŁa and has published many publications on foreign language teaching.