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On 28th May at 3:30pm please join us for the online mediation experience. We will be looking into issues of, unfortunately, quite common cases of breaching the labour code by employers and how to protect against this. Also, we will investigate the same issues from the point of view of employers. After all, the job contract is for mutual benefits, isn’t it? Do the interest of employees and employers have to be contradictory? Do they have to clash, or can they work to the satisfaction of both sides? Please join us to find out.

Mediation at LAZARSKI 2021 online: Work contract violations.

Parties involved: employees vs employers of a big supermarket retail chain outlet.

Issue one: life hazard and health and safety issues. Health hazard and health and safety issues caused by obliging employees to carry heavy oversized cartons and pushing or pulling pallets on wagons weighing up to 900kgs.

Issue two: Coronavirus-19 complications. Sudden dismissal of employees and prolonged unemployment perspectives due to Covid-19 lockdown and economic slowdown. What protection for employees and what outlook for the future?

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