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We are pleased to announce that an agreement between LOT Polish Airlines and Lazarski University concerning the Partnership for the implementation of the Airline Management specialization in the field of study Management has been signed.

Cooperation with LOT Polish Airlines aims to:

  • exchange of experience in the activities carried out by the Parties;
  • development of creativity and innovation potential;
  • conducting joint apprenticeships for students of a specialization under patronage;
  • initiating and taking collaborative actions for the development of science;
  • developing direct links between science, scientific research, didactics and practice;
  • raising the quality of education of students in specialization covered by patronage;
  • transfer of knowledge and technology to the economy;
  • undertaking scientific and research initiatives (conferences, seminars and scientific symposia) as well as didactic initiatives to improve the quality of education;
  • sharing the library collections and research and teaching facilities on the basis of reciprocity, subject to any trade secret;
  • promoting good practices in airline management and those with unquestionable achievements and experience in teaching;
  • consultation of specialization subjects;
  • enabling students to practice airline management on terms and to the extent agreed between the Parties by separate arrangements;
  • promoting the brightest students by enabling them to take part in recruitment, conducted by LOT for managerial positions.

On the part of Lazarski University, the contract was signed by PhD Anna Konert, Lazarski University Associate Professor – Dean of Faculty of Law and Administration, Director of the Institute of Aviation and Space Law.

Future students are invited to familiarize themselves with the offer of study: