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During the weekend studies at Law and Administration faculty, we work hard (yes, we do) but we have fun, too!

On 14th May 2022, to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Legal Department at Lazarski University, we had a Quiz on Legal English issues and assorted lawyerese : ) The quiz was conducted live in lecture hall 58 using Kahoot app and over 70 participants played at the same time, having downloaded the free education application. Questions were sometimes easy, sometimes more challenging, but the answers from the participants were spot-on, most of the time. (Well, some questions were designed to be tricky, and no wonder that some of us fell for them… Gotcha! Surprise answer! And you that you didn’t see it coming!).

The winner was awarded a token prize funded by Lazarski Language Department.

If you missed all the fun, that’s too bad! Next time, make sure you read the Language Department announcements online and look out for announcement posters on campus…

See you next time, then.