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The event took place at the Lazarski University on 22.06.2018. The aim of the event was to present the project aims, activities and outputs to the broad public in Poland. The Lazarski University (the Polish project partner organization) organized the event jointly with the Austrian Academy of Sciences (the project applicant).

Two representatives from the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Dr. Anisa Hasanhodžić and Mag. Rifet Rustemović, presented the project activities to the participants, highlighting the aims and outputs of the project. They also presented the refugee stories showcased by the project exhibition and introduced the project publication on the European refugee narrative. In addition, Dr. Christopher Lash discussed refugee experiences in Polish history. The event ended with a long discussion, which also focused on the European refugee crisis of the twenty-first century, touching on European policies and the views and attitudes of citizens, thus connecting historical narratives and current refugee experiences and the challenges they have raised and continue to raise.

Here you can get more info about the activities carried out within the project.