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This year's triumphants of the most prestigious competition Success of the Year in Healthcare - Leaders in Medicine, in the Public Health category, are Lazarski University and Małgorzata Galązka-Sobotka, PhD, Dean of the Centre for Postgraduate Studies and Director of the Institute of Healthcare Management at Lazarski University.

For 30 years of its existence, Lazarski University has been successfully developing in the field of legal sciences, economics, management, international relations. For the last 5 years it has also been educating doctors based on the best experiences of teaching medicine in Poland and abroad.

"Lazarski University's expertise in the broader healthcare system has a long history written by the Centre for Postgraduate Studies and the Institute of Healthcare Management. It is at the level of these units that the projects that have become the subject of evaluation by the competition's chapter develop" - Małgorzata Gałązka-Sobotka, PhD, a leader and visionary of change in healthcare, an integrator of people with ideas comments.

The main prize was awarded for three projects:

  • MBA in Healthcare Programme 
  • White Paper 'Directions for the strategic development of Polish neurology in the perspective until 2030'
  • Piloting of the Comprehensive Specialist Care for Recipients Treated for Giant Obesity KOS-BAR

Małgorzata Gałązka-Sobotka, PhD has been passionately developing the MBA in Healthcare programme for 10 years. The prestigious and highly popular course of study at the Lazarski University's Centre for Postgraduate Studies is a confirmation of the highest competence and responsible leadership, which is a prerequisite for implementing bold changes in the functioning of the healthcare sector.

"Students of the MBA in Healthcare programme prove with their managerial successes that they are among the leaders of change, whose idea is to guard and multiply the capital of health, and not only the economic efficiency of the institutions. But not only. There are also promoters of health education among us. The 2022 Leader of the Year in Healthcare, in the Media and PR category, was our listener this year, Anna Zimny-Zając, editor-in-chief of I am touched and very happy," - Małgorzata Gałązka-Sobotka, PhD adds.

When we asked the Dean of the Centre for Postgraduate Studies at Lazarski University which achievement in 2022 she was most proud of, she pointed without hesitation to the KOS-BAR pilot. The efforts of the system experts of the Institute of Healthcare Management at Lazarski University and the clinical community, as well as the openness on the part of the Ministry of Health and the National Health Fund to use this model in system practice, were cemented by the pilot, involving 15 hospitals. This is an important moment, because it is the first time that a coordinated, comprehensive care model has come into effect, in which the effects of treatment are measured on such a large scale - and at many stages.

The domain of Małgorzata Gałązka-Sobotka, PhD is integrating people around important ideas. This was also the case with the White Paper "Directions for the strategic development of Polish neurology in the perspective until 2030". Numerous clinical experts joined the work on the strategy for changes in the care of patients with the most common neurological conditions. The result? The White Paper initiated the establishment of the National Council for Neurology and will become the basis for the long-term strategy.

The organisers of the Success of the Year 2022 in Healthcare competition are the Termedia publishing house and the editorial boards of the 'Health Manager' and 'Medical Courier'.