All we want for Christmas is You! Buy small gifts for your friends, take a picture in the photobooth, learn how to make Christmas decorations, listen to the student band and … much more.

11:00 – 15:00
Sector A, Ground Floor

  • christmas fair
  • photobooth
  • DIY workshops on making Christmas decorations

Chapel (Sector C, level -1)

  • Holy Mass

Breaks - 12:05, 14:15
Sector E, Ground Floor

  • Students Music Band – IZZI Music
  • Students Dancing Crew „343”
  • Magic show - Bekir Seit-Ali
  • Quiz with gifts

15:00 – 16:00
Room 58 (Sector E, Ground Floor)

  • the University’s authorities’ Christmas Greetings and Wishes
  • Christmas movie made by employees and students
  • Magic Show - Bekir Seit-Ali
  • AMOK String Quartet Concert
  • Sharing of the traditional Christmas Wafer

After the event we invite all students for Christmas cookies!

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