We invite all students, employees and graduates of Lazarski University to watch the premiere of our Christmas event together the 22th of December at 2 pm.

Even though, we cannot traditionally meet for celebration at University, we’ve prepared a lot of attractions for you.

We will introduce you to the Christmas atmosphere with the help of the greatest Santa’s helpers - Mr. Zdzisław and Tadeusz, who you all remember very well for sure.

Watch our movie

What we have planned for you:


  • Christmas wishes from the Rector of Lazarski University
  • How to decorate a Christmas tree? - starring Pan Tadeusz and Pan Zdzisław
  • Lazarski Christmas cookies - DIY workshops on creating Christmas cookies
  • Student Help Desk Christmas movie
  • Greetings and a special performance by the 343 Dance crew
  • Musical performances by LU students and employees (including our beloved IZZI band!) - more details coming soon!
  • Christmas wishes recorded by LU students from all around the world


  • Great Online Christmas Quiz (Kahoot)

In addition, many Christmas challenges await you on our Facebook and Instagram (@lazarskiuni) pages in the closest days!

Of course, active participants will receive wonderful gifts! We prepared lynxes - LU mascots, socks, winter beanies, LU puzzles (!), bags, mugs, notebooks and many more things for you.

This event will be available online at social media and special website. We will publish the link soon!