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After a moment of silence, we come back in a new, fresh version as Lazarski Alumni!

So, we invite you to join us on the graduate journey, during which together we will:

  • catch some nostalgic vibes about good student times;
  • improve qualifications at valuable trainings;
  • share your Success Stories;
  • motivate each other to further development;
  • support your growing businesses;
  • offer various benefits and discounts, contests with prizes

Share your Lazarski story with us and gain access to the Alumni Account, which will be developed systematically:

There you will find an individual QR code that will entitle you to take advantage of various types of benefits.

Attention! Due to the end of the activity of the Alumni Club in the previous formula, all its members are asked to re-register in the new Lazarski Alumni system.The existing plastic Alumni Club Cards will only be valid until the end of 2022.


Lazarski Alumni is not only a change of name but also a goal where relations between the university and students do not end with the Graduation Ceremony. Why?

The reason is simple. We are proud of you! We want to be in touch with you!

We also invite you to follow our profile on Instagram: @lazarski.alumni and on Facebook

Join the closed group, where you can find your group mates and establish business or private connections with other Lazarski University Alumni:

In case of any questions or suggestions, we are always here for you -