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Constitutions were written in different moments in the history of the world, however most of them contain a clause which in one way or another refers to the concept of freedom of speech. But it’s not the end of the problem.

Despite the fact that Americans have freedom of speech guaranteed by the first amendment to their constitution, they still have a big problem with it. All over the world, the concept of freedom of speech is being redefined. And in Poland? What does freedom of speech look like in our country? What boundaries (if any) must we set to avoid bloodshed? How far can you go with expressing your opinions? Who might be offended by them? What is allowed to be criticized? Who can you joke about? Can you make fun of the idea? Who is allowed to say more and who should say less? What consequences of speaking out about or speaking out against something must be taken into account? Political correctness, fake news, artistic expression, religious values, hate speech, propaganda and censorship collide every day in a way that causes many clashes and skirmishes not only in the sphere of social media, but also in the real world. The parties to the dispute prove their case in the courts, the real and alleged victims demand real compensation and the understanding this phenomenon changes. Time has come to rethink the issue: Does freedom of speech have limitations? Please join the debate on December 12th at 12:20 am in room 38.