On April 15-16, 2019 the Club of Political Science and the Department of Government Studies organized a two-day international conference ‘The Balkans In, On the Road or Out of the European Union’.

During the first day, a group of renowned scholars, practitioners, think-tankers and students participated in a plenary session and two round table discussions on the internal political situation in the Balkan states and its applicability to the political processes in the European Union and on the external players and their role in the Balkans.

The second day consisted of two round table sessions where selected students presented their research projects and discussed them with scholars in the field of International Relations, history and European Studies, thus bridging youth enthusiasm and scholar experience. Students were encouraged to publish their research findings.

The conference was organized by students’ Club of Political Science, with the leading role of Tihana Tokić (3rd year student BA in International Relations) mentored by Dr. Spasimir Domaradzki (Chair of the Government Studies Department).

The Conference was supported financially by the Lazarski Honours Programe, the Faculty of Economics and Management, UACES and PTSE. We thank our donors for the financial support of our initiative.


The Club of Political Science is extremely grateful to Dr. Spasimir Domaradzki for his help, support and continuous guidance which enabled the idea of this conference to become a reality. Moreover, The Club would like to thank prof. Ivo Viskovic, prof. Georgi Dimitrov, prof. Alexander Nikolov and prof. Nadia Boyadjieva who accepted the invitation and contributed to successful end of our conference. Additionally, the Club of Political Science is thankful to all the participants of the conference and those who helped with the organization of it.