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It is with great pride that we announce that, under the decision of the Polish Accreditation Committee, the International Relations major at Lazarski University was awarded a distinction.

Stosunki Międzynarodowe na Łazarskim z oceną wyróżniającą PKA

We have a great pleasure to announce that on 16 June 2016, having reviewed the report of the Appraisal Team and the University's position as well as the report of the Social Sciences Team in the field of social and legal sciences that appraised the curriculum of the International Relations major at Lazarski University Faculty of Law and Administration in Warsaw, conducted in the form of first-cycle and second-cycle studies with a general academic profile, the State Accreditation Committee awarded the major a distinction.

The International Relations major at Lazarski University received the highest grades in the quality criteria adopted by the Polish Accreditation Committee, i.e. the educational concept; number and quality of the teaching staff and academic research; teaching and academic infrastructure allowing the implementation of the major programme and the pursuit of academic research; and efficient internal systems for ensuring education quality.

The Polish Accreditation Committee (PKA) is an independent institution financed from the State budget and operating within the scope of the Polish higher education system. It promotes the improvement in educational quality in all public and private universities. Undergoing the Committee's assessment is mandatory.