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We have worked hard in more difficult than usual conditions. Nobody could imagine that we would have online classes throughout the whole semester.

However, we managed! We had regular classes in real time, we practiced all skills, our teachers were in constant contact with the students, systematically monitored their progress and encouraged them to learn, and finally everybody took an exam.

We are convinced that if our student’s attitude had been different, we would not have gone through the process so effectively and smoothly.

We are grateful to the students for their hard work, for doing their best to improve the results, for being motivated and full of enthusiasm, for meeting the challenge and showing maturity and responsibility in those difficult months. 

Wednesday, 10.06.2020, everybody got certificates confirming the level of Polish language competence and the effects of work.

Congratulations! The language skills acquired are a success resulting from hard work. They are also a treasure to be cared of.

We encourage you to continue learning and, thanks to that, perfect your skills. Let studying be a great adventure of a lifetime that will enable you to develop your talents, broaden the mind and, as a result, help you fulfil your dreams and aspirations.  

We wish you every success and wonderful holidays.