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On Thursday, April 15 at 19:00, we invite all people who would like to start learning to play an instrument to Cafe SJO. Mr. Jacek Korzeniowski – an SJO lecturer and a talented keyboardist and guitarist – will talk about his musical experiences and advise on how to take the first step on the musical path.

We have more time recently. It is worth using it to finally implement plans that have been postponed for a long time. Maybe it will be learning to play an instrument? Take the opportunity to ask Jacek Korzeniowski where to start. Is it easier to learn to play the guitar or the piano?  What instrument to buy to start with?  Which textbooks or sheet music should you use? If you are lucky, you may also find out from behind the scenes concerts of bands and musicians such as  Closed Department, Chocolate Spoon, Old Brekaut, Collage and Revolver or Edyta Bartosiewicz. ;)

We meet in the MS Teams application in the Cafe SJO team available at from 19: 00-19: 30. We will speak English.

PS We would like to remind you that you can also submit topics for the cafe yourself or if you want to conduct a meeting. Write to