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Let the pearl of Caucasus put the spell on you! Find out about Azerbaijan – the country „protected by the fire” – an extraordinary place in which the East meets the West. Take part in Nawruz – the ancient celebration of rebirth of life! Discove the wonders od Azerbaijani nature and architecture and later go with us for a walk around futuristic Baku and taste specialties of the Azeri cuisine.

The Foreign Language Centre of Lazarski University and the Centre of Azebaijani Studies of the Faculty of Oriental Studies, Warsaw University invite to „The Meeting with Azerbaijan” on the 9th of April 2019.

Apart from your friend’s talk about the Baku entertainment and interesting presentations about local customs and traditions prepared by born and bred Azerbaijani girls from the Warsaw University, we are going to offer you a feast for your body and soul. You are going to listen to beautiful Azeri songs. You are also going to have a chance to find out about the sound of tar – one of the oldest musical instruments. Traditions connected with this instrument are so precious that since 2012 they have had the UNESCO immaterial heritage status.

Food is a very important element of Azerbaijani culture and prolonged feasts at the family table are heart and soul of their traditions. Cooks from Azerbaijan are going to prepare flavoury and delicious pilaf specially for you. The meal would be incomplete without a popular dessert – baklava (consisting of nuts and honey squeezed between thin layers of pastry) We can assure that it is impossible to resist it. Baklava goes perfectly with tea which is going to be served aplenty. In Azerbaijan tea is a symbol of hospitality.

Be out honorable guests on the 9th of April. We are expecting you from 1.30 pm in room 130.