Green is fashionable in clothes, homes, our surroundings and diet. Green lets us relax, delights us, commands respect and trust. That is why we have chosen green to be the colour of the Foreign Languages Promotion Day. Join us on 24 October 2018 and play GREEN with us. The Foreign Language Centre is inviting you.

Learning foreign languages is a fashion and necessity. Don’t you know two languages? You do…? Think about another one. Enrol for one of our courses! Decide which language you need, which you like, which you have already experienced or which is trendy. Each language is a great win, it is a great investment in your career! Every learner is a winner!  

- Do you play GREEN? –Yes, I do. –Do you have something GREEN? If you do, the Foreign Language Centre may have a surprise for you. 

Every student enrolling for a course will be served a piece of ‘Shrek Cake’, delicious green cake.   

Apart from that the programme features:

  • Demonstration French, German, Russian lessons on Skype
  • Presentation of the language courses offer – 2018 fall edition 
  • Language coaching 
  • Language association quiz
  • Music surprise at 12.10 - Jan Ptaszyn Wróblewski’s song "Zieloni mi” 
  • Language board games 
  • Fun with languages 

Venue: Wednesday, October 24, from 10.00 to 13.30 

Time: corridor in front of the lecture hall No. 36, ground floor, sector C