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On March 4, 2020, during the Foreign Languages Day, we will tempt you to learn languages. Our methods will be solid - chocolate fountains, flambéed tarts with rose petals and apples borrowed from the paradise apple tree. Come and show which language seems the most appealing to you!

Japanese, German or maybe French?  Which language tempts you the most?  Don't keep it secret!  Create a language tree with us by hanging a symbolic apple on one of the branches we have prepared.  Let's show the world that we love not only English, but also other languages, including Polish. 

That day we will also tempt you by reaching for professional decoys that Nachash - a snake from Eden, would not be ashamed of. What have we prepared for you?  Chocolate fountains with delicious milk chocolate!  Fresh fruits and marshmallows will lure you to dip them in it.

However, this is not the end of attractions!  At 12:20 we invite you to a confectionery show prepared by Mikołaj Lisowski.  At this time a chocolate tart, sprinkled with rose petals, will be made for you with real fire! After the show you will be able to try this amazing French dessert.  Everyone will get a chance to taste it because Mikołaj will prepare some cakes beforehand.

On this day, you will traditionally be able to talk to the teacher or sign up for a Polish language course, a platform course or an individual course.

We will be waiting for you in the lobby on the ground floor in sector C (by the main cloakroom) between 10: 10-13: 00.