Pancakes with preserves, honey, cream and condensed milk, bagels, samovar tea, snowball fight and lighthearted fun are the attractions that will be waiting for you on February 27. The performance of the IZZI band will be the culmination of the Orthodox remnants, as well as a dance parade with a Maslenica puppet held in the direction of the sun.

 Foreign Language Centre invites you to the Orthodox carnival Maslenitsa as a part of the National Days project. Orthodox remnants are celebrated in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. They fall 8 weeks before orthodox Easter and last 7 days. The tradition is, during this week it is necessary to say goodbye to winter, eat delicious pancakes, have fun and dance. Concerts, festivities, sleigh rides, snowball fights are organized. Maslenica precedes Lent and during it you can no longer eat meat, but you must and must eat pancakes. The tradition of preparing pancakes is associated with their symbolism - the similarity of round pies and the hot sun. Therefore, pancakes are eaten in huge quantities throughout the week, and served almost with everything - caviar, fish, cream, cottage cheese, mushrooms, poppy seeds, preserves or honey.

Maslenica is a time of joy and reconciliation. On the last day, the Maslenica puppet is burnt and its ashes are scattered in the fields.

What have we prepared for you on this occasion?

  • IZZI performances at 13:15 and 14:20
  • Treat with pancakes - 6 types
  • Warm tea and bagels
  • Dance parade with Maslenica puppet
  • Photocook with Maslenica puppet
  • `Tug of war` competition with awards
  • Snowball fight
  • Russian Volga show

Depending on the weather, we meet in the University's courtyard or on the ground floor in sector F during breaks at 13:15 and 14:20.