Discover the magical and mysterious Lake Baikal, the Holy Sea of Siberia. You can be sure that the Lake Baikal will bring you to your knees and steal your hearts forever.

Listen to the stories of brave people who cycled over 900km over the frozen waters of the deepest lake in the world, facing murderous cold, cutting winds, deep snow and their own weaknesses.

Listen to a concert by a charismatic Siberian bard Evgen Malinovski as he sings the songs by Okudzhava, Vysotsky and Rozenbaum. His great vitality, the expressivity of his performance and his characteristic throaty baritone will make Evgen’s concert an unforgettable experience.

We are also hoping to make you laugh by showing you what best not to do in Russia so as not to get in trouble.

With a twist of harmless mockery, you will also learn how to do business in Russia.

Discover the Siberian hospitality. Try Siberian pelmeni and a classic herring salad prepared in several versions by the Centre’s staff. Meanwhile, our ever-reliable female students will prepare a true Russian delicacy for you: blintzes served in various sweet and savoury versions.

The Siberian feast will be topped off by a honey cake called medovik. Popular during the reign of Tsar Alexander I, it remains a great favourite among Russians.

You will also have the opportunity to admire a true work of art – an original nesting doll composed of 50 elements and inspired by Russian fairy tales.

Get ready for a beautiful, energetic, artistic and tasty atmosphere. 

If you have even a pinch of folly in you, you cannot possibly be a no-show at the "Meeting with Lake Baikal".

We will be waiting for you on 18 January (Wednesday) at room 130, starting at 10.20 a.m. 

The event will be hosted in English.