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The call for applications for aid for our students from Ukraine, financed by the Lazarski University Foundation, has started.

As part of the program, once a month, you can get 500 PLN financing for the purchase of goods (e.g. food, hygiene products, medicines) and 500 PLN for the use of services (e.g. a visit to a doctor, medical examinations).

Remember that when paying for goods or services, you must obtain a personal invoice for them (there should be your personal data on it), which confirms the transaction between the consumer and the company. The easiest way is to buy something online since you receive this document automatically then. When it comes to offline purchases, you need to request an invoice based on the receipt. You can receive it in the Customer Service Department.

In order to apply for such financial help, fill out the application. Remember to attach the invoice.

Regulations for funding from the Lazarski University Foundation.

In case of any questions, please contact the Foundation directly: