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Our Faculty took a silver position in the 11th edition of Faculties of Law Ranking in the Republic of Poland!

We are proud to announce that in the 11th edition of "Rzeczpospolita" Ranking of the Faculties of Law, we are in the second place in classification of non-public universities with a score of 19.0 points. It is worth noting that we lost only 0.4 points to a leader.

Evaluation was based on the following criteria: scientific potential, quality of education and cooperation with foreign countries. The pass results for legal applications prove the level of education in law. It is also the most important indicator in the ranking of "Rzeczpospolita" - we obtained a very good result in this category. The scientific potential of the Faculty was also highly rated - here we received the same number of points as the leader, and in the category of cooperation with foreign countries we scored the most points. Also in the classification of Legal Clinics we took ex aequo 1st place.