We will investigate the facial recognition technology in the 21st century. We will try to answer a question: is it a positive technological development for brighter future or a path towards a total surveillance society?

At first, we will explain what face recognition is. How does it work? Where is it used? What is it used for? What could it be soon used for? Which companies / products use it? Can we choose not to use it? Which countries use it in their CCTV systems? Is it effective?

We will look at examples of using facial recognition systems in public spaces and in individual applications. Will they make our life better or will they make it worse?

What are advantages and disadvantages of using facial recognition systems? Are the systems already in place? And if so, why is this technology surrounded by controversies and approached with caution? Why were some seemingly excellent products a failure? Does anybody remember Google Glasses? Are our phone security settings safe? Can your smartphone be hacked if you use facial recognition authentication? Are we safe? Is it possible that police can mistake you for a notorious terrorist? (Let’s hope not!) Why have some cities (San Francisco, California) banned facial recognition technology altogether? Have you heard about Xinjiang, the Chinese virtual police state? (And, no, I don’t mean another Black Mirror TV series episode, it is happening for real…)

We will try to give our recommendations for the future. Do we, as a society, have a say in the matter? Is it too late to agree or disagree, because new technology development has surpassed old law and regulations?

Come and talk to us. Let’s find out all about it. Better to know and be ready for the future, because the future is here and now!