Travelling and foreign languages go together. Do you dream about travelling to more or less remote places and getting to know the world? Only the knowledge of foreign languages may let you absorb all information in another country. Stake everything on education this autumn and don’t waste time so that you can spend your next holiday on a journey of your life! Foreign Language Centre is inviting you to the Day of Languages “Around the World with Foreign Languages” on 16 October 2019.

We have prepared a detailed course offer and many attractions. We will encourage you to have fun with us playing with a map of your future destinations. Do not hesitate to approach our stand and mark the places you have been to and add a short comment, e.g. Norway – I absolutely recommend.  

We have also prepared  language quizzes and a contest called "Can you guess the country from a single picture?" You can win fantastic prizes: colourful travel gadgets ,which are not only a delight to look at but are also very useful, e.g. when travelling. 

Do you also think that verbalised dreams come true? If so, join in "Pursue your travel dreams" happening organised at Lazarski for the first time. Write where you would like to go on  our colourful balloons and hang them in the courtyard. We will show that Lazarski University students have dreams and passions! 

On 16 October we can also assess your foreign language competence and treat you to European sweets. :) 

We encourage you to enrol for courses and enjoy the day with us. It won’t be difficult to notice us. We will be on the ground floor close to the main cloakroom. We are looking forward to meeting you from 10 am to 1.30 pm. 

PS These are not all the Day of Languages surprises. There will also be some accompanying events: some teachers’ visits to selected groups and their talks about journeys abroad. You will be informed about the details soon. :)