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Lecture by the Head of the Project Department of the ESF Center for European Projects

During this inspiring meeting, Mr. Marcin Tylczyński, Head of the ESF Projects Department of the European Projects Center, shared his extensive knowledge about operational programs and institutions involved in their implementation and the complicated program management process. The meeting was held thanks to the invitation of Dr. Adrian Chojan, Vice-Dean for Scientific and Operational Affairs, and Mr. Krzysztof Skrobisz.

The event agenda included not only theoretical discussions, but above all practical tips for participants including: searching for information about funds and recruitment, the application process as well as the implementation and settlement of projects.

Moreover, we would like to particularly emphasize the impressive achievements of Mr. Marcin Tylczyński, a graduate of the WSB University in Dąbrowa Górnicza, holder of a master's degree in management, specializing in manager in public administration, and acquirer of knowledge in areas such as investigative auditing, administration and management of European funds, and education management.

His Master of Business Administration studies in cooperation with EY Academy of Business (formerly Ernst & Young) and over 17 years of professional experience in government administration, including over 7 years in managerial positions, have made him a true expert in the field of acquiring and settling co-financed projects from European funds.

We would like to thank all participants for their active participation in this important event and Mr. Marcin Tylczyński, Mr. Weronika Lipińska and Mr. Tomasz Mrozowicz for valuable observations and practical tips!