Don’t miss the unique opportunity to study abroad and to gain unforgettable memories and friendships! The Erasmus+ Studies recruitment is open from February 11th till March 3rd.

Erasmus+ exchange period will be recognized as a part of your LU studies. Students accepted for the mobility within the Erasmus+ Studies will receive a grant from 300 up to 500 € per month depending on the country of their studies.

We encourage you to apply on the Virtual University:


  • click on the Menu Additional Information - then International Cooperation - fill out the on-line form „Rekrutacja STUDIA Erasmus+ 2019/2020”.

The on-line application will be open till March 3rd.

Recruitment schedule

February 11th
Start of the on-line application on Virtual University

February 11th – March 3rd
Submitting the confirmation of foreign language skills at least B2 level (internationally recognized language certificate) OR sending a language exam request to

March 1st
Erasmus+ Last Minute – Q&A Meeting

March 3rd
Application deadline on the Virtual University

March 4th-8th
English language exam (if applicable)

March 11th-14th

March 15th
Announcement of results

More information