The culture workshop for four groups of the Language Academy for Children took place on 23 and 25 January.

The kids invited their parents to participate in the workshop. Children from Ms Julia’s group were learning about the games played by their English peers; Ms Anastazja’s group followed the path of pirates across the former British colonies; while Ms Jola’s group had a traditional afternoon tea with the Queen. In an interesting, joyful and family atmosphere both children and their parents had a great time, learning about the English language and the British culture. After the games, workshop participants had an opportunity to learn about British foods. Take a look at the photos below.

NB: The workshop will be continued during the spring semester.


The Language Academy for Children by the Łazarski University is about more than just language. During the courses for kids, we do our best for our little participants to like the new language so that it can become their passion later on. We teach through playing on the basis of original programmes prepared by our teaching staff, using teaching aids and educational materials adapted to the capabilities and interests of children. The cultural workshop is an indispensable element of all our courses for children. It is free-of-charge and takes place at an separate date. More information about the Language Academy for Children can be found at HERE