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Elections for the Lazarski University Student Government Board will be held soon. We invite you to get involved in additional activities and run for office!

The election will be held on May 22nd, from 8:00 to 20:00 via the Microsoft Teams platform, the link to vote will be made available via email.

To run, please complete the form (Appendix 1) and email it to, sign the consent for processing personal data (Appendix 2) and take a scan of the attachments or a good quality photo and send it to Submissions will be intercepted on May 7-14.

The election will be conducted by the Election Committee, the Scrutiny Committee will participate in conducting the election. Any Lazarski University student who is not a candidate in the elections (until May 15th) can submit his/her candidacy for a member of the Returning Committee. Applications accepted at the e-mail address (

What does the Student Government do?
The Student Government is made up of all Lazarski University students.
So every student is a member of the Student Government! (according to the Law on Higher Education and Science)
Through elections, students elect representatives from their community, i.e. the Student Government Council.

Among the basic tasks of the Student Council we can mention:

  • conducting activities at the University in the field of student affairs, including social and cultural affairs,
  • expressing the opinion of the student community and defending its rights,
  • expressing opinions and deciding on matters provided for in the Act and the Statute,
  • organizing student life and taking care of the good name of the University and its students,
  • representing students before the authorities of the University through its bodies,
  • electing students to the University bodies and committees,
  • training students in the rights and obligations of students.