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There is no need to convince our students that it is worth learning foreign languages. During every break on 6 March when we organised Foreign Languages Day the motto of which was ‘Second ones rule’, students inquired about our offer of foreign language courses. There were also many persons willing to take part in the attractive events organised by the Foreign Language Centre.

Foreign languages do not only make it possible to find a better job or study abroad. Almost everyone learns English now and this is why it is worth drawing attention to other languages. This made us organise two fascinating culinary journeys on the Foreign Languages Day: to Japan and Sicily. Thanks to Mr Mikołaj Krasuski, sushi master chef, everybody could see how this Asian delicacy is prepared and to taste it. Maki and Nigri proved to be real hits. Apart from that, Ms Anna Sydoruk and some students prepared  olive condite, spaghetti alla Norma, cannoli siciliani and espresso. Everything was delicious, aromatic and interesting, because stories about the Sicilian Mafia, the Italian people’s body language and other things we should know accompanied those culinary workshops. We can hardly wait for the next occasion like this.