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Do you want to have an ace up your sleeve during an interview? Crow about your knowledge of the second or third language. Today everyone can speak English and only some people know another foreign language. The second one is an absolute edge, gives you more opportunities, makes travelling to more destinations easier, makes it possible to get to know people you would not get acquainted with and lets you see prospects you would not notice otherwise.

Grasp the opportunity given by the Foreign Language Centre and enrol for a course of German, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Norwegian or Arabic. 

Remember that English does not distinguish you - it is a standard. Thanks to the second language you will have more confidence in yourself and more freedom not only on the labour market but also in society and private life. The period spent on learning foreign languages is never a waste of time.

We are inviting you to our stand on the ground floor, sector C, on 6 March 2019, from 10:00  till 13:30

Accompanying events:

  • Sushi making show and tasting – 12:10-12:20, presented by Mikołaj Krasuski
  • “Sicily – journey that is also culinary” workshop – 11:00-12:00, instruction by Anna Sydoruk. Online enrolment:, subject: SICILY, via private message on our fan page or in person in room 125 during FLC working hours.