Wikipedia is not only widely used, it is increasingly accepted
by major knowledge institutions. This process will continue, bringing about  an exceptional value in the era of information immediately available. 
But we, proficient Wikipedia users, frequently come accross articles which contains errors, lack reliable sources or just present apparently biased opinion.

Librarians  are organizing to improve Wikipedia apparatus, especially citations – an action coordinated in Poland by Stowarzyszenie Wikimedia
w Polsce ( Lazarski University Library wants
to help them. Let us not forget, that many of those, who find an error
or a gap and know what should be corrected, will nevertheless remain unwilling  to create a Wikipedia account and  to contribute. Which does not mean that their findings cannot be used by the others – namely
the registered Wikipedists, who would take  on the load of introducing revisions.

We want to count potential contributors at Lazarski University
and consider – along with the abovementioned Association – how could their knowledge and skills be employed in the process of refinement
of the largest single source of information that mankind ever had. Please write to us, talk to us, give us examples of what do you feel like correcting, perhaps even show us your actual amendments... We will let you know, how strong we may be. We are interested in the following language versions of Wikipedia: Polish, English, Ukrainian, and Russian.

  Lazarski University Library