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On May 15-17, students from Coventry University visited Lazarski University for the 4rd Annual Economic Meetup to spend time on exploring Polish culture, engage in joint student projects, and present the outcome of educational integration during debates.

The first part of the debates was dedicated to sensitive issue of benefits and drawbacks of joining the European Union in the light of Brexit. Due to friendly atmosphere and competent moderation by PhD Jan Grzymski, students from both groups succeeded in delivering the results of their research and defending points of view during the discussion.

Following two hours participants brainstormed on the nature of Globalization and discussed its consequences for developed and developing countries. Not only the moderator of particular debating section, PhD Wojciech Bieńkowski, was satisfied with students’ expertise in applying critical thinking and skills to convey information in understandable manner but also the audience.

At the end of the event, fair jury members awarded the most active and involved students who showed the best qualities of debating and team cooperation. All participants received certificates including memorable presents from Coventry University.

Last but not least, we want to thank all students who came as the audience to support debating teams, all debating groups for putting their hearts and souls into preparation, and group leaders who encouraged and motivated diversified team members for productive work. And we are already missing our Coventry University guests and cannot wait to host them at Lazarski University next year!