Due to the epidemiological situation regarding coronavirus it is recommended to:

  • limitation or resignation from foreign travel in the directions of epidemiological risk or through centers of increased epidemiological risk (international airports, holiday resorts in the areas where coronavirus occurs).
  • limiting social activity for 14 days (staying at home) and monitoring your health in the situation of a return from Italy, Germany, France, Spain, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan during the last 21 days , Iran, Bahrain. If respiratory complaints and / or fever appear within 14 days, contact the State Sanitary Inspector by phone or report to the department of infectious diseases.

Students affected by this announcement are asked to report to the Dean of the relevant Faculty:

  • Faculty of Law and Administration - 22 543 53 09
  • Faculty of Economics and Management - 22 543 53 26
  • Medical Faculty - 22 543 53 30

Employees of Lazarski University referred to in the above notice are asked to contact the HR Department (22 543 54 70) in order to inform about the situation and determine further formal actions.

In addition, it is recommended:

  • Washing and disinfecting your hands frequently. The bathrooms in the area of UŁ contain instructions for thorough hand washing, and containers with disinfectant fluid are placed at the building entrances.
  • When coughing or sneezing, covering your mouth and nose with a bent elbow or handkerchief, which should be thrown away in a closed basket as soon as possible.
  • Keeping a safe distance. Keep at least 1-1.5 meters away with a person who coughs, sneezes or has a fever.