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To commemorate the 25-th Anniversary of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Łazarski University, the Foreign Language Centre would kindly like to invite our students to take part in an essay-writing contest that focuses on the institution of mediation in the Polish legal system. The task is aimed to describe the role of mediation in Polish legislation, its milestones, evolution and application in real-life situations. Accuracy, creativity and use of English will be taken into account.

Mediation – as a platform for settling disputes and resolving conflicts – plays a fundamental part in the world of law and business. It is a solution that offers relief in many legal stalemates, family disagreements, and economic problems – that parties turn to in hope of avoiding a prolonged and financially burdening court case. In many circumstances mediation provides an opportunity to save face, fulfil obligations or avoid a lose-lose scenario in a desperate crisis. The role of mediation is therefore recognised and reflected in the Polish legal system and legal practice.

For more information, please contact the Foreign Language Centre (SJO) at the Łazarski University.



1.      The organiser of the contest is the Foreign Language Centre.

2.      The contest is open only to students of the Faculty of Law and Administration.

3.      The assay may not be longer that seven typescript pages (one page: 1800 characters including spaces). Only essays presented in English shall be accepted.

4.      Work must be submitted to the following address:

5.      Closing time for contenders to submit their work to the Foreign Language Centre  is May 6th 2022.

6.      Winners will be announced by May 20th 2022 by a Jury comprised of selected teachers. 

7.      Winners will receive prizes, founded by the Foreign Language Centre.