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On July 15th, during the Graduation ceremony, we managed to meet in a large group, it was wonderful to see your joy. We know it was not easy, so be proud of yourselves, dear Graduates. You graduated from the University.

Many sessions, exams, requirements, credits, papers, thesis defense. We believe that apart from studying, you also had time for your student life, and these are the nicest and best-remembered moments after many years.

Dear Graduates, we watched with pride and joy as you receive your graduation diplomas and once again we congratulate you.

Saying goodbye is always difficult, especially when people who have formed one big university family for several years are saying goodbye. However, remember that even after graduation, doors of the Lazarski University are always open to you.

At Lazarski University, we try to create an atmosphere conducive to building friendships. We dream that the relations between the university and its students do not end with the graduation.
For this purpose, the Lazarski Alumni Graduate Club was established, to which we cordially invite you. We want to be in constant contact with you and watch your future successes.