There is a unique chance to observe how the students from Lazarski University and Coventry Universitiy apply critical thinking in building arguments, convey information in understandable manner, and defend their opinion on relevant issues.

We are excited to announce that Lazarski University hosts students from Coventry University on 15-17 May as a part of annual tradition. This year students from both universities will be working in multicultural teams to understand the origins of topic problems and generate their point of view under the careful supervision of Lazarski University and Coventry University tutors. The comprehensive outcome of students’ work will be presented during “Strategic Game” on Friday.

Debate Topics: 

  1. Does it make sense to join EU in the light of Brexit?
  2. Globalization: gains and losses for developed & developing countries.

When: Friday, 17 May at 10.10 
Where: Lazarski University, room 130

Professor and students who are intrigued by topics and interested in supporting participants are more than welcomed! See you there.