The Polish Language and Culture Training Centre at the Foreign Language Centre invites all foreign students and language course participants to carol-singing this Friday (9 December)!

Bożonarodzeniowe tradycje

We will be celebrating Christmas together, bringing old Polish traditions back to life.

First, we will have a traditional meeting to discuss Christmas and watch a film to get us in a true Christmas mood (2.30 p.m., room 8).

Next, at 4 p.m. at the sector A cafeteria, we will be making Christmas dumplings, tasting Christmas poppy-seed cakes and gingerbreads, as well as sing Polish and foreign carols.  

Come to spend a lovely, warm and atmospheric Christmas evening with us!

We shall start celebrating Christmas at Lazarski University as early as Friday, 9 December!

First, traditionally, we are going to meet to talk about Christmas and watch a film introducing us to Christmas mood (room no. 8, at 2.30 pm).