On 21st May 2021 Lazarski University community witnessed an online event of Business Case Study: The Grand Finale. During an almost two-hour long session we were presented six cases presented from all walks of business life. Students in their teams presented business problems and offered solutions as implemented by the companies and as they would like to see them being implemented.

We heard the presentations about a fire in an online cloud storage and internet provider company OVH Cloud which damaged the hosting company infrastructure and the immediate reaction of the company’s crisis management team which helped to secure the (briefly) interrupted internet services.

We learned the sad lesson of Kodak photo imaging company declining over the years as it failed to adapt to a changing technology and missed their opportunity to capitalize on a digital revolution.

We heard the story of Multikino entertainment company affected badly by the Covid-19 pandemic and a crisis in audience numbers caused by the lockdown of public events but saw the ray of hope for the future of cinema business in general thanks to innovative recommendations.

We listened to presentation of a luxury brand conglomerate LVMH, which, despite the global pandemic crisis, seemed to be unphased by the Covid-19 economic ailments. Their luxury brands although far from unaffected, seemed to be weathering the storm quite successfully. This study won the third prize in the winning ranking.

We heard the presentation of a Gessler restaurants chain, also deep in crisis caused by Covid-19 restaurant attendance plunge, but ready to come afloat again as the innovative methods of deliveries and consumption were presented. This presentation was awarded the second prize.

We also heard a cautionary tale of CD Project infamous project Cyberpunk 2077, the talk of the internet and subject of ire of many dissatisfied video gamers. Presented as a historical outline of the video-gaming company from the top of the success (The Witcher series) to almost the bottom of infamy (Cyberpunk 2077), this was selected as the winning case study in 2021 and in the opinion of a jury illustrated the case of risky and rushed business management decisions the best. The winners: Mikalai Tsarou, Anna Hyrchak oraz Bartosz Bojarski.

The case studies were presented online and despite this limitation managed to hold our interest and were highly informative. We are looking forward to the next edition of business case study next year!