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We invite you to a special edition of Cafe SJO. Unique because it will be led by our student - Yeva Palamarchuk, who will look at Poland from the perspective of a foreigner. Is Poland cool? And how is it in your opinion? This time we meet on Tuesday at 19:00 in MS Teams.

Is it good to live in Poland?  What is surprising for a foreigner? Is it worth coming here to study? Yeva Palamarchuk, a student of the Faculty of Management, has been observing the Polish reality for a year now. She will talk about how she acclimatized here, what pleasantly surprised her, and what was a problem for her. I invite everyone who would like to share their experience from the foreigner’s point of view, as well as Pole's one, to the discussion.

We meet in the MS Teams application in the Cafe SJO team available at from 19:00-19:30 on Tuesday 25.05. We will speak Russian.