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Get to know Australia’s natural wonders. Let yourself be enchanted by the wild nature, immense space and modern cities. Get acquainted with Australian culture. Learn how to travel to Australia and not to go bankrupt!

On 28 November, Kamil Zagórski, Lazarski University student who spent ten years in Australia, will take us on a journey across this country. Who knows it better than he does! You will get to know Australia’s red deserts, the Great Barrier Reef, lush rain forests, fabulous beaches, Uluru – sacred to the Aboriginal people, amazing Lake Eyre, and an unusual natural formation called Hyden Rock.There will also be something for water sports enthusiasts. The guest of the University, Dominik Bakuła, will share his impressions of staying in Australia with us. And Dorota Rucińska-Łuczyna, our French teacher, will tell us about her love to Australia.

Within the regular musical part of our events, Jacek Korzeniowski, our English language teacher and musician, will present the ethnic Aborigine and modern Australian music. There will be also live music performance.

Those who are planning to visit Australia will be given some helpful hints. We will tell you what to do to travel to and across Australia at a reasonable price.

Obviously, we have prepared some Australian cuisine specialities for you to taste. We will serve sausage sizzle and inter alia, a delicious dessert you won’t be able to resist. So, if you are on a diet, don’t get close to the table.    

When: Wednesday November 28, at 12.25

Where: lecture hall No. 130 

Foreign Language Centre invites!