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On April, 11th we will tackle an ever-increasingly complex and mind-boggling issue of artificial intelligence (AI). What is it, really, and why now?

Is it a Holy Grail of computer scientists all over the world which will offer us a technology on the scale of cornucopia, or is it the Pandora’s box of all evil and misery which will follow from then on henceforth if started up?

Therefore, should we be excited at the prospects of its development? What benefits will it bring to us? Who will stand to gain from its application? Some say it’s already here. Is it? Share your thoughts with us if (you think) you are already using it!

Or maybe it will be the beginning of the end of humans as a species? What dangers does it pose then? Who will lose from its advent ( invariably, somebody always does)? Are we safe? Are our future jobs safe? Is our world safe? Have you heard or experienced any negative effects yet? Tell us about it!

What makes us, humans, special? What will make us different from intelligent machines if and when they are created? Do we still have the power to shape our future, or is it already prepared and planned for us by someone (or something)?

And so, have you heard of Watson? What about Alpha Go (Zero)? Maybe The singularity means something to you? If not, then come to our debate and not only have your say, but broaden your horizons as well. It may be the beginning of a wonderful adventure. Or, it may be the death knell  for our civilisation. You decide! Do your part and come to the debate on ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE – our salvation or doom? April 11th : BE THERE!