On 16 October 2019, we set out on an unusual linguistic journey around the world. On The Day of Languages, we shared dreams about future journeys and reflections on those in the past. We also know one thing: voyages to unknown places are more interesting and pleasant if we can communicate in a local language!

The celebration of The Day of Languages took long hours. J We started on 16 October and together with the students, we created a map of Lazarski journeys on which we marked all the countries we visited. Indeed, it was difficult to place one more pin in some areas! What is more, the participants shared their dreams about future voyages, which they wrote on helium balloons. During the long break, the balloons were symbolically released to fly to the sky (Don’t worry, we did not let them escape and endanger the nature or air traffic). As usual, there were quizzes and contests with cute prizes, this time thematic ones, i.e. reusable collapsible water bottles, which are useful on a trip as well as during sports exercises. Of course, our students did not forget about the most important, namely learning foreign languages and our offer of courses. All the more since the knowledge of languages is extremely useful during journeys; it makes things easier and the world more understandable.


There were some accompanying events: foreign language teachers’ visits to selected groups and talks about their foreign voyages. Barbara Brzozowska spoke about Paris, Victoria Syvachuk about Kiev and Tomasz Pracki about Hawaii.


PS We also recommended interesting blogs and websites about travelling. It is worth visiting them!