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Do you like anime? Want to learn Japanese? This is an invitation for free Japanese lessons!

My name is Hinako and I’m a 20-year-old Japanese girl.

Currently, I study law in international relations in lazarski.

I’m not a Japanese teacher, nor I am certified, but I would love to provide opportunities for lazarski students to learn more about Japanese culture and the Japanese language. I’ve decided to hold Japanese lessons, simply because I love Japan and I wanted more people to become more interested in Japan through learning about Japanese culture and the Japanese language.

In my lessons, I will be teaching you natural and useful Japanese in an active learning style.  Also, I’d love to talk and discuss about Japanese culture with you. Let’s make the lessons fun and interesting together!

The schedules for the lessons are as follows:

Time :From 12:20-14:20

11th May  room 107 - meeting canceled

18th May  room 107

25th May  room 34