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Amsterdam is a city that never sleeps. On the one hand, it is a paradise for partygoers who can never get enough... on the other hand, fans of a healthy lifestyle, especially cyclists, will find their way here. Anna Popielarczyk will take you on a journey to this city of contradictions.

In Amsterdam, despite the fact that it lies on canals like Venice, you can get everywhere on foot or by public transport, but it's best to just get on a bicycle, because every road in this city is adapted to the needs of two-wheelers!  It is also a paradise for tulip lovers, watching which can make more than one date more attractive. Seekers of charming, historic tenement houses and modern post-industrial spaces will find something for themselves. After all, everyone who likes to party, also in an illegal way in Poland, should be satisfied with the city break in Amsterdam. What to see?  Where to go to the party? And what to eat, apart from the traditional, raw herring, will be told by the SJO teacher - Anna Popielarczyk. We invite you on May 4 at 10:10 am in room 130. We are also planning a small tasting of Dutch delicacies for you.

Warning! Due to the limited number of places, registration is required.  If you are interested, please contact us at: