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According to opinion polls, the Czechs are one of the nations most favored by Poles. However, it is worth visiting our neighbors not only out of sympathy. Anna Sydoruk, a SJO lecturer, convinced us of this, introducing us to the monuments and culture of this country, during a small integration meeting that took place on December 9, 2022.

What did we see? The beautiful Golden Praga, or rather the Golden Lane, which of course was the seat of the goldsmiths. We also visited Pilsen, known for its beer production and Škoda Transportation plants. We were in Kutna Hora, where the royal mint operated for centuries. We visited Brno - the historical capital of Moravia. A visit to well-known health resorts, i.e. Karlovy Vary and Marianske Lazne, could not be missed. And for adventurous students, we organized a short trip to the Cheb fortress and Karlsztejn. At the end we prepared a regional snack. These were traditional beer snacks - utopence, a type of Czech frankfurters, marinated with vegetables and other additives in vinegar, and hermelina - Camembert type cheeses marinated in oil with garlic and spices. The icing on the cake was Marlenka, an extremely popular Czech cake with honey and nuts. It was delicious. :)