Renovation works in the Library from 12.07.2021 till 05.09.2021

Dear Users, from 12.07.21 to 05.09.2021 due to renovation/construction works, the Library will be closed for users. However, we will still be at your disposal and offer you the list of services presented in detail below where you can also find monthly schedule.

-- We allow you to order scans of books and magazines in the Library's collection. Orders are accepted by emailing or or via the Microsoft Teams ( One library user may order scans of 3 titles, up to 22 pages each, once a week. Students writing a thesis may order scans of 5 titles, up to 22 pages each, once a week.

Scans can be ordered and will be executed from  Monday till Friday.

Please note, under no circumstances do we scan or send scans of entire books. Please specify the pages to be scanned right away after checking the table of contents in the online catalog.

If a book is available, we encourage you to borrow it. That is, we scan sections of books only from the reading room that are in single copy or when all copies are borrowed.

-- If you are just returning borrowed materials leave them in the drop box, located in front of the University building at the entrance to Sector F. As recommended, the book remains in quarantine for 3 days after return. After this period it is returned to circulation.

-- Borrow books  also from the Reading Room, after ordering Online. We will make arrangements for you to pick them up in front of Entrance F. The loan period will be extended while the Library is closed.


-- Please pay the fees for keeping library materials by bank transfer to the following account

Lazarski University

mBank S.A.

13 1140 1977 0000 5580 0300 1001

The title of the transfer should include your personal data (first name, last name, album or library card number) and the information "Library - special fee". Please send the transfer confirmation to our e-mail.


The following services are not going to be available during the above mentioned period: Printing, scanning and photocopying. There will be no access to theses, dissertations and Academica.


We sincerily apologize for the inconveniences, we will keep you informed about all the changes.

Opening hours

Lazarski University Library,
02-662 Warszawa ul. Świeradowska 43, sector F, I floor (borrowings and database access) (other) (inter-library loans)  (Support on Microsoft Teams)

+48 22 54 35 392 (Director)
+48 22 54 35 390 (Borrowings Room and Reading Room)
+48 22 54 35 391 (Workroom and Storage)

+ 48 501 232 671 (Workroom and Storage, and Online Days)