PROQUEST EBOOK CENTRAL changes the rules of sharing its materials

Until mid-June 2020, all users have unlimited access to titles purchased from the publishers. The list of participating publishers will be constantly updated.

PROQUEST EBOOK CENTRAL is our largest multi-domain database of electronic books. After creating an individual account, the website allows you to create your own bookshelf, take notes, highlight specific parts of the text, and create citations. Having an account, you can also "borrow" books and use it offline. The base can be fully used both from a computer and from a tablet or phone.

Test version of Pearson E-textbook Library VitalSource

We invite you to access the test version of VitalSource platform. It allows you to use more than 300 e-textbooks by Pearson containing various subjects from International Law to Economics and International Relations. The free trial lasts 30 days, from 19.03 to 19.04.

The Library is closed from 11 March, 2020

In connection with preventing COVID-19 spread among the ULa community, the Rector of the Lazarski University decided that the Library will be closed to readers from March 11, 2020.

We would also like to inform that during this period:
- returns for borrowed books will be automatically extended,
- no penalties will be charged for keeping books borrowed beyond the set deadline.

Contact with the Library only via E-mail Monday-Friday between 8-16.

Questions regarding the remote account activation, borrowing information, in case of need to use remote services of the library, such as databases late return fee information.

Students and post-graduate students of Lazarski University have the possibility of remote access to the collection of books and electronic magazines that are in the University Library subscription. The list of those resources is available on the official webpage of the university: „Databases and information sources”.

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Lazarski University Library,
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+48 22 54 35 392 (Director)
+48 22 54 35 390 (Borrowings Room and Reading Room)
+48 22 54 35 391 (Workroom and Storage)