Check out the countries and universities where you can pursue your studies as part of the Erasmus+ programme. Familiarise yourself with the application procedure, fill out the documents and acquire knowledge and new experience during your sta

How to apply for studies

Candidates eligible for participating in the Erasmus+ sector programme:

1. must be students of Lazarski University, hereinafter referred to as " Lazarski " :

at the Faculty of Economics and Management:

  • at least the second year of I cycle of studies (BA)
  • II cycle of studies (MA)
  • Studies validated by Coventry University: contact International Programmes Department

at the Faculty of Law and Administration: 

  • in   Law - third and fourth year of studies
  • in   Administration:
  • second and third year of BA studies
  • second-cycle: after the first year of studies (the second semester)

2. know the relevant language for the declared studies at least at level B2, confirmed by way of an international language certificate or an internal language exam organised by the Faculty Erasmus+ Coordinators.

3. in the process of applying for studies within the scope of the Erasmus+ programme, they have filled in the application form available at e-University   within the designated time-limit.

Recruitment procedure

The procedure of student qualification in the Erasmus+ Programme is conducted in the following stages:

  1. applying through e-University,
  2. delivering language certificates to Faculty Coordinators,
  3. interview Interviews
    (aimed at reviewing the student's motivation and knowledge of the Erasmus+ programme, the partner university for which s/he applies, and basic formalities connected with the mobility). 

Recruitment for the 2017/2018 Spring Semester

From October 9th, 2017 you may start applying! Below you may find the application deadlines and all of the documents necessary to enroll.

Spring 2017/2018 Recruitment Schedule

List of Partner Universities for the 2017/2018 Academic Year

Below you may find the list of Partner Universities to choose from when applying for the erasmnus+ programme. Please remember  to choose 5 universities when applying for the programme.

Partner University List


Financial terms of the mobility

The students will be exempt from paying tuition at the foreign university; the above does not include registration fees/payments to student organisations.

Received academic, sports and social grants and scholarships (with the exception of the housing scholarship) will remain in force also in the period of studying abroad.

The Erasmus+ grant is awarded to cover the difference between living costs in Poland and abroad.

Erasmus+ grant Erasmus+ grant

Since 2018/2019:

 Group 1Group 2  Group 3
Countries in the groupDenmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg,  Liechtenstein, Norway, Sweden, Great BritainAustria, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Malta, PortugalBulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, HUngary, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, FYROM, Turkey
Studies EUR 500/monthEUR 450/monthEUR 400/month 



Before your mobility

Information meeting

Attending the information meeting for Erasmus outgoing students is   mandatory!

The date of the meeting will be released at a later date.

3 months before the mobility

Completing documentation:

  1. signed by the student and the Faculty Erasmus Coordinator, it should be delivered to room 38A,
  2. signed by the Institutional Erasmus Coordinator (room 38A), the original document will be issued to the student for the purpose of obtaining the partner university's consent to pursuing the programme.
  • The instruction on filling out all the sections of the Learning Agreement can be found   here here 
  • Additionally, you are obligated to check the website of the partner university for any requirements regarding any additional application documents; such documents should be delivered to room 38A.

Documents from partner university

  • After the Learning Agreement Part 2 Before the mobility is signed by the Faculty Coordinator and the Institutional Coordinator, you are required to send the document to the partner university to have the selected curriculum approved. After it is approved, the Learning Agreement should be delivered to room 38A.
  • After sending the documents to the foreign university, you will receive a Letter of Acceptance. A copy of the Letter of Acceptance should be delivered to room 38A. A Confirmation Letter, i.e. an official certificate of Lazarski University confirming the studies within the scope of the Erasmus+ Programme, will be issued only on its basis.  

3 weeks before the mobility

1. 1. The following documents should be delivered to room 38A:

  1. Document: Polish account
  2. Document: foreign account
  • A copy of the   European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)   , covering the period of the mobility.  
  • A confirmation that all payments have been made (to be collected from the Bursar's Office).

2. 2. The following documents should be delivered to the Bursar's Office (room 201 or 203):

  • Proof of settling the Lazarski University tuition fee
  • Collect a confirmation that all payments have been made from room 203

3. it is necessary to establish (by e-mail) the date of   signing the agreement   with the Coordinator for Outgoing Students ( ( )


If you need more information you can also contact ESN Lazarski.

During your stay

30 days from arriving at the partner university

  • Registering at the partner university
  • Making sure if pursuing selected courses is possible at the partner university
  • In case of any modifications introduced to the agreed programme of studies, you will be obligated to fill out   Learning Agreement Part 3 - During the mobility .
  • After establishing the ultimate programme of studies, you will be obligated to send to your parent university all the syllabuses of all the courses you take, translated into English or Polish.
  • Any and all changes regarding the selection of courses pursued at the partner university must be approved by the relevant Faculty Coordinator at Lazarski University and sent by mail to the International Programmes Department.
  • An e-mail with an ultimate selection of courses must be sent to the relevant Faculty Erasmus Coordinator for the purpose of approval 30 days after the course starts at the latest.

Extending the mobility

The procedure for extending the mobility at a partner university:

The request to extend the mobility should be delivered at the latest in December by e-mail to ( .

The request must be approved by:

  • the Faculty Erasmus Coordinator,
  • the Institutional Erasmus Coordinator,
  • the partner university.

After obtaining the consent, the following conditions must be met:

After your mobility

30 days after returning from the partner university

It is required to deliver the following documents:

and and

  • fill out the survey of the National Agency; the link to the survey will be sent automatically after the end of the mobility period.

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