The required level of primary foreign language proficiency is B2 after first-cycle studies and B2+ after second-cycle studies.

Students of the Faculty of Economics and Management finishing their English course take the TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) exam or an internal exam.

Students of the Faculty of Law and Administration take the international TOLES and TOEIC exams or the internal exam.

Students of the Faculty of Medicine are required to obtain credit for their language course at the end of every semester.

for candidates for studies conducted in Polish or English are required to have a B2 proficiency level in the language of instruction.

Candidates with a B1 proficiency level in Polish can be admitted, if their grades in other subjects are very good. In such a case, they will be required to participate in intensive supplementary courses during the first year of their studies.

The above requirements are consistent with the Ordinance of the Minister of Science and Higher Education Minister of Science and Higher Education of 2 November 2011 on National Qualifications Framework for Higher Education. 

The Centre offers a wide range of courses for improving the level of language proficiency as well as preparatory courses for international exams.

Examples of B2 language exams:

Language course credit conditions

Class attendance is compulsory. A student is entitled to two unexcused absences during a 60-hour course and one unexcused absence during a 30-hour course. In order to obtain a course credit, a student will be required to:

  • pass all the progress tests with a score of at least 60%,
  • hand in and obtain a credit  on all individual writing assignments,
  • achieve an appropriate attendance rate.

In case of an absence  from or failure at a test, a student will be required to supplement or re-take it within two weeks (from the date of result announcement) or within one month in the case of extra-mural studies during the tutor's office hours.

Right to change group

First-year students are entitled to change their language group within two weeks from beginning the course in the case of full-time studies or after two sessions in the case of extra-mural studies. In order to change groups, the student must report personally to the Foreign Language Centre in room 132. In case of exceeding the two-week deadline, the student will be required to file a written application for changing groups to the Director of the Foreign Language Centre. Prior to filing the application, the student will be required to obtain a written approval from the tutor of his/her current and target group.The applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 

TOEIC certificate recognition

Number of pointsLevelScore

B,C Preliminary
B1 – general English 2,3

B1- English for Business Purposes 2,3
57-75 4.0-4.5 I 550-649 B1+ PET, BEC Preliminary passed with grade A TELC B1 passed with 1 76-86 5.0 I 650-784 B2 FCE B,C

BEC Vantage B,C
B2-general English 2,3
B2-adVantage English for Business
87-99 5.5-6.0 ESOL/SESOL Intermediate II 785-884 B2+ FCE A BEC Vantage A B2-passed with 1 100-109 6.5 ESOL/SESOL Intermediate II 885-944 C1 CAE A,B,C

BEC Higher A,B,C
C1 general English C1 English for Business 110-120 7.0 8.0 International ESOL Mastery III 945-990 C2 CPE 9.0 International ESOL Expert IV

PTE Academic certificate recognition

Starting from 18 June, the Foreign Language Centre will recognise a new language certificate provided by candidates for studies: the Pearson Test of English (PTE Academic), which confirms communicative competence in the English language at the academic level.


LevelPTE Academic
A122 - 29
A230 - 42
B143 - 50
B1+51 - 58
B259 - 75
C176 - 84
C285 - 90

Language Cert LTE certificate recognition

Starting from November 2020 the Foreign Language Centre will recognise a new language certificate provided by candidates for studies: Language Cert LTE.


LevelLanguage Cert LTE
C290 -100