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If you want to find accommodation, please fill the form linked below:

Accommodation form

Student Depot - NO VACANCIES

Student dorm

Modern, private dorm in Mokotow district only 3,6 km from University, high standard rooms with private  bathrooms and kitchenettes, fully furnished with total area of 16 m2. Available to students are: fast Internet WiFi, chill-out, multimedia and co-working areas. All utilities included in the price. Security 24/7.

Green spaces, groceries, fitness clubs, bistros  and bicycle rental are located straight by the student house, just as Mokotow shopping mall.

Warsaw, at 37 Woronicza Street -25 minutes from University by public transport, 10 minutes by car

Public transportation:

  • Metro Wilanowska/ Smoluchowskiego Street
  • Bus: 218 to Racjonalizacji stop

1660 PLN for a single (studio) room

Booking and details - dorm website

The Dormitorium - NO VACANCIES

Student dorm addressed to candidates with Polish citizenship foreign, students 1st year senior year students, Erasmus students, summer course participants

Single rooms (double rooms also available). A modern student dorm with rooms equipped with new furniture (beds, wardrobes, desks, chairs, bookshelves), modern kitchens equipped with crockery, cutlery, pots, household appliances (refrigerators, microwaves and kettles at your disposal in separate kitchenettes). Washing machines, irons, ironing boards and a vacuum cleaner are available. There is broadband wireless Internet available in the dorm (fibre-optic 200/50). Students also have the use of the garden featuring e.g. barbecue facilities. Starter package: duvet, pillow and a set of bedclothes can be purchased at the dorm.

Warsaw, at 17 Wita Stwosza Street - about five minutes from the University

Public transport:

  • Służew/Wilanowska underground station;
  • Trams (4, 10, 35); three minutes on foot to the tram stop.
  • Buses (189, 193, 317, 401, 402, N01, N33); three minutes on foot to all bus stops.


  • From PLN    850 to PLN 1,150 for a single room.
  • From PLN 1,200 to PLN 1,300 for a double room
  • + PLN 200 per person for utilities, fibre-optic Internet access, and third-party liability insurance


Przyjaźń Residential Estate - NO VACANCIES

Student dorm addressed to foreign students 1st year, Erasmus students, summer course participants

The residential estate is located in a beautiful and well-managed green area. It features a club, a sports centre, stores, a library, service amenities, and a stadium.

Its offer comprises double rooms in 2-room or 3-room modules and in modules for married couples. Every building has a separate bathroom, WC and Internet access.

All rooms are furnished and the dining rooms are equipped with an electric stove and a refrigerator.

The building features a lift adapted for transporting disabled persons, a TV room, rooms for quiet study, guest rooms, a gym, a laundry room and a drying room.


  • "Rogaś" Student Dorm: 3 Konarskiego Street
  • "Sarna" Student Dorm: 4a Konarskiego Street
  • "Jelonek" Student Dorm: 1 Konarskiego Street

Public transport:

  • Trams: 10, 26 (tram stop: Bemowo-Ratusz)
  • Buses: 109, 112, 154, 171, 184, 190, 523 and night buses: N01, N42, N43 (bus stop: Czumy, Bemowo-Ratusz, Konarskiego)

How to get there from the University:

  • from - WILANOWSKA underground station to POLITECHNIKA underground station, change to bus 523
  • from - WILANOWSKA underground station to RONDO DASZYŃSKIEGO underground station, change to bus 109
  • Tram 10 from Niedźwiedzia to Bemowo Ratusz


  • 530 PLN - per month, 1 person
  • 610 PLN - security deposit 

Own bedding are required

Accommodation regulations:

Accommodation for students in Student Dorms (SD) is available from October to June of the given academic year.

Students interested in accommodation at the Przyjaźń Residential Estate are required to report by e-mail to the Łazarski University at  since mid-May.

Students who qualify for accommodation at the Przyjaźń Residential Estate (are included in the accommodation list) should report to Student Dorms by 1 October. If a student (qualified by the University and featured in the accommodation list) arrives at the SD sooner, s/he will be required to settle an additional fee of PLN 15 per day in September.

If a student wishes to reside at the SD in July and August, s/he will be required to submit a relevant application in that respect with the SD management by the end of May.

Accommodation check-in times: Monday to Friday at 8:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m.

More information - dorms website